Mr Razali Abdul Gani
Store General Manager

The Challenge

When the international luxury brand Coach engaged Bootstrap, they had a single but complex challenge. They wanted to enhance the knowledge and leadership skills of all their leaders, find different ways to lead and engage its people, and deal with people’s emotions.


The company engaged Bootstrap’s services over the course of two to three years, going through a long learning process together. Throughout this time, about 10 staff in leadership positions from supervisors to store managers attended five learning modules.


The challenge: How to equip the leaders to lead instead of manage?


The Catalyst

Bootstrap’s corporate learning and consultancy created a closer team at Coach, with enhanced leadership ability. “We are very satisfied with what Bootstrap has provided. They are creative, mind boggling—they “mess” with your brain but in the right way, and we are inspired,” says Mr Abdul Gani.


“The trainers, especially Dr Lynda wee, are very realistic and cater to the market itself rather than having a general US-based type of learning,” he continued.


The Change

The attitudes and mindset of their leaders and how they lead evolved positively. By implementing the learning they had, they have become more matured and creative.

“It’s very different from what we’ve learned in school or in certain courses especially the module on Creative Thinking, aside from the normal leadership to lead the business,” says Mr Abdul Gani. He goes on to explain: “There were a lot of hidden of ideas in us that they unlocked, and I like the way they engaged us to think of different ways to tackle problems.”