Prof Foo Yong Lim,
Assistant Provost (Applied Learning)

The Challenge

Currently, learners develop their soft skills by attending optional classroom-based soft skills workshops. However, this approach is both time-bound and place-bound. Learners therefore face difficulties in committing to a classroom-based workshop, and would therefore miss out on the opportunity to develop their soft skills.


As there is a diverse range of learners who are taking the course, those who have prior knowledge would be bored when they have to sit through what they already know. The linear learning process does not recognise prior knowledge nor accelerate learning for these learners.


Challenges faced by learners with respect to a classroom-based soft skills workshop include:

1. Clashes in the schedule that prevent learners from attending.

2. Lack of time to commit to attending the soft skills workshops on top of their usual school classes.

3. Lack of willingness to commute to the various locations across Singapore for the workshops.

4. Lack of awareness and conviction that soft skills are important.


The challenge: How to develop work-ready graduates by leveraging on mobile learning technologies to personalise and provide industry-led, competency-based learning on demand, anytime and anywhere?


The Catalyst

Bootstrap developed and implemented Skills On Wheels, a mobile learning app that recognises learners’ prior knowledge and formulates personalised learning plans for each learner. Now, learning is no longer linear but personalised, just-for-me.


Bite-sized mobile learning modules that require at most 45 minutes of learning allow learners to learn at own pace and place. These mobile learning modules enhance the accessibility of learning to those in need.


The Change

At the end of the prototyping, the Centre for Communication Studies and the Centre for Career Readiness took over Skills On Wheels to equip and enable all SIT students and alumni with professional soft skills across the 6 campuses.

The team solution was bestowed InnovPLUS Award from the Institute for Adult Learning.

Soft Skills are vital for successes in today’s modern connected world. Skills On Wheels is an innovative solution that benefits the working community as students and graduates. Even the professionals can use Skills On Wheels to improve and upgrade their soft skills.”

Professor Loh Han Tong, Provost


“The content is very actionable, especially in everyday circumstances.”

Employer, Crestar Education Group


“There is real life decision-making being applied.”

Employer, RHB Bank