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Team Leadership Toolkit

In today’s work environment, being a leader does not equate to merely instructing the team with one’s power and repertoire of skills. Effective leaders must consistently evaluate, innovatively problem-solve, effectively resolve conflicts, and passionately motivate others in order to produce extraordinary team results!


Unleash Team Power

Behind every successful team, is an effective coach that bonds the team, and helps individual team members play to their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses. In order to build a high performing team, it is essential that leaders set strategic priorities, cultivate shared values within the team, know how best to leverage on team members’ strengths, interact and coach for better performance!


Drive Workplace Innovations

This word echoes throughout today’s volatile business environment as it is critical for any enterprises’ survival. The question is HOW? Leaders need to be customer-centric, actively identify opportunities, relentlessly promote innovation at work, and effectively create a continuous improvement culture in order to outthink and outperform.

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Develop Self

As one transits from being an excellent individual contributor to a leader, one has to grow into this new, role, responsibilities and capabilities. Therefore, aspiring Leaders have to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, how they cope with workplace demands and changes, be yield-generating, communicate and make decisions before being able to lead their teams on the journey to success!

SkillsFuture Singapore Approved
Retail Service Leadership Course

Differentiate yourself by offering an excellent customer experience that enriches your customer.

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Retail Selling Ceremony

To any retailer, the best asset is a customer who talks about you and brings their friends to you.

With the onslaught of online retailing, it is now paramount that offline retailers differentiate themselves by offering an excellent customer experience that enriches every customer that walks into the shop. In order to build a long-lasting relationship with them, exceeding customers’ expectations is no longer optional but mandatory.

In Bootstrap’s Retail Selling Ceremony Workshop, discover how every consistently great customer experience is purposefully designed to deliver nothing less.