Mr Alson Tan

The Challenge

As one of Singapore’s oldest nurseries, Prince’s Landscape designs, develops, maintains and manages huge on-site plant-related assets nationwide. The nature of their business requires excellent people management and development capabilities.

With the current foreign to local quota for the Landscape industry at 1:1, they would hire any person interested to work within the industry. Hence, most of their workers hired are very new to this industry and/or do not possess the relevant skills.

As site deadlines and contractual obligations set a benchmark for their company’s credentials, their workers are sent to site immediately upon employment. This urgency supersedes any training PRIOR to the job. On-the-job training (OJT) becomes imminent but lacks the proper mentors and trainers to conduct the required training as deadlines prevail. Getting learners to congregate for classroom training has always been a challenge due to disruption to their work schedule.

With the workers working at the different work sites across Singapore, supervisors find it challenging to be hands-on and to support their workers to deliver consistent quality work.

The challenge: How to equip and enable workers to perform consistently and with quality at all job sites?


The Catalyst

Bootstrap developed and implemented PocketSEED, a mobile learning app, that allows Prince’s workers to learn FOR work, AT work and THROUGH work. REAL WORK ISSUES based on key performance indicators become learning triggers for REAL PEOPLE (trainers, mentors, supervisors and workers) to learn and problem-solve resulting in REAL PERFORMANCE.

With PocketSEED, skills development does not affect operations. Even though workers remain at their respective work sites, they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for their daily tasks. Workers are assigned daily bite-sized modules that correspond to their daily tasks for learning and immediate application. This feature of sending the right modules to the right workers was an instant hit among the operation managers and supervisors.

By collating learning analytics for relevant and timely intervention, PocketSEED also serves as an additional employee at Prince’s to sustain continuous learning.


The Change

PocketSEED addresses Prince’s challenges by being a Mobile Trainer, Mentor and Performance Management Tool. The Training Department benefits from the ease of collating and reporting learning analytics.

Prince’s team has started to use PocketSEED in other areas such as communicating and enforcing Compliance and Safety matters, Onboarding, etc.

The team solution was bestowed InnovPLUS Award from the Institute for Adult Learning.

“PocketSEED provides a great platform to achieve a trained and prudent workforce”

Mr Alson Tan, Director


“PocketSEED provides a very unique and efficient way of communicating to the entire company. I love the way I can assign my sales guys with useful topics and monitor them on the go.”

Mr Kilon Koh, Head Of Sales


“Getting staff for training is a challenge. With Pocket SEED, learning is now bite-sized and accessible. Additionally, its gamification made learning exciting, thus increasing our take up rate. Training records are instantly available and easily referenced, which greatly facilitates my work.”

Mr Krishna Haran, Training Manager