Mr Francis Lee

The Challenge

Established in 1967, 2 years after Singapore’s independence. DP Architects (DPA) secured most of the pioneering work that built Singapore. Their modus operandi was studio-based where each project director had his/her team to pitch, design and deliver.

The challenge: How to leverage on the power of one from the different studios? How to equip and enable DPians to secure good projects with good fees?


The Catalyst

For DP’s transformation journey, Bootstrap first worked on leadership development where an in-house 2-day Leadership Toolkit was curated to equip title holders to be effective leaders.

Next, Strategic Planning was conducted to audit, brainstorm and commit to DP’s 5-year growth plan and key priorities. Under-performing departments were spruced. Relevant new departments such as Corporate Communication, Quality Assurance, and Learning and Development were set up. New hires with the right expertise were hired.

Branding decisions comprising of corporate direction, culture, value proposition, client segmentation and branding assets such as publication and publicity, were made and implemented.


The Change

Today, DPA has evolved into DP Group of companies to provide seamless architecture services to their clients. They became one of the leading architecture practices in Singapore and rank as the world’s tenth largest architectural practice according to WA100, 2019.

“Lynda played a key role in DP’s transformation when I was the CEO. She worked alongside me to build our culture (vision and shared values), people, and processes (branding, corporate communications, quality assurance, learning and development, HR, talent management, annual blueprint and strategic planning). She trained our key title holders to be effective leaders. With clarity in vision and values, and effective hands-on leaders, we are able to secure more jobs, local and overseas.”

Mr Francis Lee, Chairman