Rachel Poo



Why is understanding our customers important?

It is vital that we know and understand our customers to be able to create and provide for them the appropriate solutions to their challenges. Without understanding who our customers are, and what they really need, we will not be able to recognise their real needs, issues and gaps. Our recommendations may only be short-term solutions if at all. Through data, we will have better and deeper insights of our users and that gives us the capability to see more opportunities to better our customers’ lives and business. Our depth of knowledge and understanding of our customers determines our capability to deliver more innovative solutions for them.




Ms Rachel Poo is a Big Data Analytics Associate Specialist at Bootstrap. She has been actively involved in projects and research for F&B, Malls Studies, Consumer Retail. She is also a Certified ACTA Trainer, where she provides mentorship programmes on Social Media Sentiment Analysis, Digital Marketing and helps business understand their Branding and Operations better.


Prior to her joining the team, she was in To The New, an integrated Digital Marketing Agency for 6 years, servicing clients and the organization in various roles as an Account Manager, Project Lead, Campaign Specialist and Team Manager. She also rose to be the Assistant Vice President of the Digital Marketing arm of To The New, S.E.A in the last 2 years and managed the organisation’s operations.


Through the various Digital Marketing projects, she has conceptualised and managed Digital Campaigns and Engagements targeted to both local and international audience, oversaw the implementation of Digital Advertisements. She is also proficient in analytics on Google, Flurry, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Her expertise in the Digital Marketing Landscape also includes Email Marketing, Mobile App Development, Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns, Website Development, SEO and Search Campaigns and more. In addition, her interest in Big Data and Social Media allows her to engage Business Owners in understanding more about their Consumers through Insights Research on the Online Space.


Her clients include the National Trades Union Congress, Sony Pictures Entertainment, LG Electronics Singapore, CNBC and Changi Airport.


Ms Poo graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Management and Marketing in 2011. She received her Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) in 2018.